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There are currently over 1750 roof repair professionals actively seeking work in the Sunshine State. Many of these are roofing specialists in Orlando Florida that either don’t have the proper licensing and/or insurance. Most local roofers just plain and simple produce lousy workmanship and have reviews online to document it. Home improvement salesmen are known for telling you what you want to hear but most will never tell you what you really need to know. These salesmen have an agenda and it may be different than yours.

Doug Oliver Development is a preferred sales and marketing company exclusively supporting small businesses that specialize in quality roofing repairs and new roof installations.

Our network contractors are ALL “local small businesses”. By supporting our network, you will be providing work for businesses who care about the same communities in which they work. When you buy from these businesses, you are NOT helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, or a Mom put food on the table, a Dad pay a mortgage or a student pay for college. They are all licensed and insured commercial & residential roofers you can trust. Check us out, reviews don’t lie, we make people happy by providing a needed service with a smile. All of the photo documentation you see posted by Doug Oliver Development anywhere online is the hard work of these licensed installers. Thank you for your continued support!

So, we already know there are plenty of certified roofing companies in Central Florida, but there is only one Doug Oliver Development. Covering the largest service area from Kissimmee, Celebration, Clermont, Oviedo, Winter Park, Ocoee, Winter Springs, Longwood, Maitland, Sanford, Deland, Palm Coast, Heathrow, Lake Mary, Windermere, Bay Hill, Dr Phillips, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Cocoa Beach, Melbourne and more, our screening process along with the work history of these professional roofing repair experts near Orlando, assures a quality project for anyone that deals with our network. We have first hand experience and a good understanding of the difficulties both homeowners and business owners face while attempting to find a good roofer with a great reputation and reasonable price…even more so in an economy that continues to struggle.

At Doug Oliver Development, we believe everybody deserves a good quality roof and a reliable roof replacement company that can provide that quality, service and value.

Roof Replacement Services:

  • Residential Roofing

    These referred specialists provide cost effective solutions for residential roofing customers. Services include composition shingles, concrete, barrel, clay and Spanish tile roofs, slate roofs, solar, siding and gutters!
  • Commercial Roofing

    We have connections with the most trusted commercial roofers here in Central Fl. From metal roof installation to flat roofs, liquid rubber EPDM, Polyurethane Spray Foam, roof coatings and more…we’ve been the roofer of choice in the local business community for over twenty years!
  • Energy Efficient Roofing

    These local repairmen do their part in preserving the environment, conserving energy and helping others do the same. They offer energy efficient, Eco-Friendly roofing services range from green roof installation to simple things like adding radiant barrier HeatBloc to your home to help drastically reduce energy consumption.
  • About Us

    Learn all about us, our roofing network and the owner here!

In lieu of hiring random Orlando roofing companies you know nothing about, why not call Doug Oliver Development, we know all the jacks and we sure know the trade. Just check out our reviews by visiting the links at the bottom of this page.

Best of all, once you’re matched you can deal directly with the qualified BBB business that is ready to install the exact roof system you’re looking for. Once we have matched you with a contractor to execute the scope of work, we will then continue to assist you as your personal liaison throughout your roofing project until completion, thus building a relationship into the future. Let’s say you’re looking to have a shingle roof replaced or installed on your home due to storm damage. We’ll help you get in touch with vetted and certified contractors, close to you, that live, breathe, sleep and eat shingles. Well, not really, however this most definitely is their specialty and the only system they install. Your project will be contracted directly through the pre-qualified company. You can see completed homes and look directly at their work updated weekly on our dedicated Facebook page. However, roof shingles are not the only thing our skilled network can install. We have vetted professionals that provide aluminum seamless gutters, siding installation including soffit and fascia.

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Expert Roof Leak Repair

This entire network of dependable roofing contractors total more than $185 million in annual sales and that’s just in Florida. Each dependable roofer is uniquely qualified to fix leaks for specific repairs on various types of roof systems. These are the roofing pros that perform job after job of quality work and outstanding installation practices. Our company delivers quality clients with roofing needs directly to each of our verified roofing companies giving them an never-ending supply of food. The reason why independent roofing companies don’t get the quality results our network does, is because there’s nobody looking over their shoulder. Their grading themselves when complete, it’s like having the fox watch the hen house. However, these Orlando roofing contractors understand if their quality standards are not maintained neither will the relationship with Doug Oliver Development as well as their never ending supply of food i.e. projects. This system protects not only the roofing business but the homeowner / business owner as well. Don’t take chances with your next roof replacement. After all, it protects and covers everything you care about in this world. Let our referral service deliver a certified, qualified, network contractor directly to your door without any cost to you. We know these licensed roofers are not going to be the only contractor providing roofing estimates for your job, we just want to be one of three that do, so you can see our system and the quality of workmanship.

Orlando Roofers

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New Ideas For Roofing

Seal of Approval Our referral service will save you money because we negotiate and lock in our price from the industry’s best roofing material suppliers. Let me ask you a question, who you think would get a better price? A roof contractor installing $3 million worth of product every year, or 27 roofing experts installing $65 million a year? It’s not hard to figure out. Now process that, while I ask you another question. What do you think would be most cost-effective?…advertising one good roofing company or a marketing company advertising for 27 of the best roofers in the Orlando Florida area?

FACT…We completely eliminate their entire cost of sale for every single contractor in our network. This compound savings is passed on to (YOU) the consumer. We’re not here to bore you with our entire business plan however, our philosophy is easy-to-understand:


MAXIMIZE YOUR DOLLAR” Buy in bulk and install in mass quantities. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS…Grow with us

In fact, dealing directly with our company is more cost effective than dealing with any other recommended roof contractor. In fact, we guarantee it. It’s simple…the more we buy, the more you save. So with your next re-roof job, have the confidence and trust that Doug Oliver Development will be helping you save! In the end, what are we talking here – cost and years of experience…it matters. Trust the people who know the local Orlando roof repair industry.

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